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a musical podcast by

Sinan Usta & Anastasia Johnson

When aspiring pescatarian, Will, finds himself with his Tilapia having turned into a woman, the two are completely left outside of their comfort zones. Under the instruction of Trader Joe, Will and Tilapia embark on a quest to return things to normal.

A modern and comedic adaptation of Ignácz Kúnos’ Turkish Tale of the Fisherman and the Maiden, Fish Out of Water is a story of self-discovery, friendship and finding freedom in giving up control.

Operation Fake Meat - artwork.png
Operation Fake Meat - artwork.png


an animated musical TV series by

Sinan Usta & Anastasia Johnson

When a gay chef and a woman scientist are commissioned by the totalitarian ruling party -Conservative Women and Gaymen- to create the ultimate fake meat for the elimination of patriarchy, the two are surprised to find themselves still constrained by the oppressive capitalistic government.

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